Our last unboxing

Our Team in Aachen was happy about getting the Electroherb Model A from Zasso Brazil.

To improve the transfer of knowledge between Zasso Brazil and Zasso Germany, it was very helpful to have a system that can be used for operational purposes. Furthermore, our Team is now able to get an understanding of its efficacy under different conditions, e.g. regarding soil structure, weather and temperatures.
Zasso Germany is working on specialized applicators for different uses in urban and agricultural territory. Our aim is to construct the best applicators to have the best results in weed management. A maximum of high voltage contact to the weed surfaces must be guaranteed.



Zasso, global specialist in key weed and invasive plant control technologies by using systemic electric power, assembled its new Electroherb Model A in its Indaiatuba unit, in Brazil.  It uses a disruptive technology, developed by Zasso, that destroys both the shoots and the even more critical roots of plants by employing high-voltage charges. These powerful lightweight systems deliver safe and robust solutions without requiring any chemical agro-toxics making it safe for the environment, the infrastructure and people.

About Zasso
Zasso GmbH is situated in Aachen, Germany, close to the economic, agricultural and political heartlands of Europe and near to RWTH Aachen University. The company connects German university know-how and high-tech industry expertise in electrophysics, environment and agriculture with Swiss economic foresight and Brazilian long-term development competence.
Looking at the economic impact of efficient weeding worldwide, we are working with strong partners in different fields. Our aim is to be present on all major global markets in the near future. Making weeding a clean technology.