Road side operation

Zasso’s technologies approach a worldwide problem – the ecofriendly weed Control.

Our society is already too eco-friendly to use herbicides. As a result, local authorities are forced to search for other efficient solutions to control weeds in urban areas. Instead of mechanically (more troublesome) or chemically (ecologically damaging) removing weeds, our approach is the electrical solution.

  • We are now entering the decades of electric power
  • We have learned to handle and transform electric power so much better, transforming it into movement or information without need for paper or liquid fuels.
  • We finally have the technology to use high-electric power and electrophysical engineering to eliminate undesirable plants effectively by digital weeding.

zasso roadside operation
Zasso roadside Operation in Sao Paulo

Streets can be cleaned up by the Electroherb as it is already done in Brasilian cities, i.e. in São Paulo. In addition, the technology of the Electroherb can be used on pavements and in parks to efficiently counter  the proliferation of weeds.

Specifically designed electric applicators run high-energy power through the whole plant, clearing targeted areas accurately within seconds and keeping them free of plants for months without such side effects as:

  • chemical residues,
  • chemical drift and resulting plant damages,
  • soil Erosion,
  • damages to infrastructure caused by mechanical elimination.

Looking at the economic impact of efficient and ecofriendly weeding worldwide, we are working with strong partners in different fields. Our aim is to be present on all major global markets (Urban, Agriculture, Silviculture) in the near future.

Making weeding a clean technology.