End of  April 2017. Zasso Germany started the first Public European test of the  Electroherb agro-system for digital weeding during the Zasso Day meeting. Before the system was electrically adapted to the European soil conditions which differ significantly from those in southern Brazil.

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Instead of using a rear-applicator, we used a full width front-applicator to avoid compaction of weeds prior to Electroherb treatment which would be created by the wheels of the tractor otherwise. This applicator is height-adjustable on the front three-point powerlift adapting the applicator inclination to areas with different plant height.
Like all other agro-systems, the mechanical energy of the tractor is converted to a high-frequency and high-voltage by a generator and converter unit at the rear and passed through cables to the front applicators. Electric energy is flowing from one applicator through shoot, root and soil to the second applicator passing additional plants and closing the circuit.
Even if April was very rainy and the soil surfaces were very moist, we found one sunny day with dry conditions while air temperature remained still low. The testing area was a hardly cultivated meadow which was mainly grazed by horses. This scenario ensured quite different weeds and types of grasses.
The immediate results were very promising. Even dense grasses became dark green after a few minutes and brownish after 6 hours. Since the trials were made in Aachen, a city being well-known for rainy days, the weather was often very cloudy, cold and rainy on the days after the application.
Nevertheless, the grass and other weeds became more and more brownish. Sharp edges between treated and untreated areas showed impressively that only touched plants die and other are not harmed.
Time series made over the next weeks showed different modes of drying down. While thistles were already killed by comparatively low energy dosage, other grasses and weeds needed more energy. For some, a 2nd application and adapted applicators will be the next step to maximise the efficiency of the residue free weed killing.For first tests in Europe the results look very promising and further trials both of for agro and urban applications are ongoing.
Just download our Zasso time series here to see all results in Detail.