Today the Zasso team is going to test the 3rd Generation Digital Herbicide system. It comes with improved energy management and faster applicators. By treating more than 25 HA with different materials and shapes for the applicators, we have been able to increase the efficiency of the Digital herbicide treatment, allowing us to increase speed. The new software enables the operator to finetune the energy flow to the different surfaces and weed patterns The system is equipped with  GPS / GSM communication to allow a “pay per use” business model. Today we will perform speed test beyond 10 Km/h showing the efficiency at high-speed application. This setup allows 4-5 Ha / h treatment for weed control. Today the focus is on IVM ( industrial vegetation management) treatment, row & inter-row Special permanent cultures, Potato desiccation, Pre-seeding and post-harvest application  
Successful tests of the functional prototype
Neudorff and Zasso form joint venture