Zasso joins Swiss no-till conference

The company`s CTO in Germany presented its innovative technology

Baar, January 20th, 2017: Zasso, global specialist in key weed and invasive plant control technologies, has participated in the 2017 Swiss Soil Conservation Association’s No-Till conference. The group’s CTO in Germany Matthias Eberius represented Zasso in discussions about the relationship between direct sowing and electro-herbicides such as Zasso’s Digital Herbicide technology.

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Zasso’s technology destroys both the shoots and the even more critical roots of plants by employing high-voltage charges. These powerful lightweight systems deliver safe and robust solutions without requiring any chemical agro-toxics making it safe for the environment, the infrastructure and people.
The Digital Herbicide technology clears the target areas of invasive plants for months without any side effects such as chemical waste, soil erosion and possible damages to infrastructure caused by mechanical elimination.

During the event, the Swiss Soil Conservation Association presented its position against Glyphosate one of the most widely used herbicides. The association considers the chemical product a problem and, when used in excess may harm the soil causing contamination and erosion.
Zasso’s Digital Herbicide technology does not use Glyphosate or any chemical product to control invasive plants.
About Zasso
Zasso GmbH is situated in Aachen, Germany, close to the economic, agricultural and political heartlands of Europe and near to RWTH Aachen University. The company connects German university know-how and high-tech industry expertise in electrophysics, environment and agriculture with Swiss economic foresight and Brazilian long-term development competence.
Looking at the economic impact of efficient weeding worldwide, we are working with strong partners in different fields. Our aim is to be present on all major global markets in the near future. Making weeding a clean technology.
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Bernardo Andrade
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