Electroherb –

non-chemical & sustainable


The challenge

Digital Herbicide is a redefinition of weeding. We do the job much better than purely mechanical weeding processes and at least as efficient as chemicals!

Electrophysical weeding substitutes chemicals by high-energy electrons, reaching from the leaves through to the roots into the soil. Just like any technology, electric applicators must be adapted to specific crop culture geometries and needs.

Our technology approach is very robust and comprehensive:

  • No need to consider the exact weed species.
  • No worries about future herbicide resistance.
  • No anxiety regarding future bad weather conditions.
  • No multiple and complex spraying schemes.
  • Modular applicators for maximized flexibility.
  • Electronic parameter setting.

Minor uses.

No chemical herbicide

zasso provides consistent answers to dwindling numbers of herbicides which are generally available and the specifical challenges for specialty cultures

The nearly empty research pipeline and the high standard of environmental compliance make new herbicides very rare. Especially for comparatively small high value crops like vegetables, ornamentals, fruit, tobacco and not to forget hop, herbicides are like any pesticide just available any longer under the „minor uses“ regime.
Due to the low number of suitable chemical herbicides, optimized weed control and resistance management is an ongoing challenge. Using the effective electro-physical weed control of zasso’s Electroherb provides a wide range of new options for economic weed management without need of long approval procedures.
Electric applicators are available for different row cultures and in-line weeding of plantations. The technology is already approved for organic coffee plantations in Brazil demonstrating the minimized environmental risks.
zasso is happy to further adapt the technology for an optimized electro-physical and hybrid weed management selecting the optimum of the chemical and digital weed management world.
We handle the specific challenges and needs of high value crops which look and taste too good to be “minor use” only.



The zasso solution

Digital Herbicide units are based on a small number of working principles, using tailor-made applicators combined with high power electronics.

zasso has been providing agricultural gear for intensive daily use since 2010. The rising demand for efficacy, productivity and efficiency is our incentive to develop a continuously growing number of applications, with more to come:

  • annual row crops like sugar cane, corn or soybean
  • perennial crops like sugar cane
  • fruit plantations of trees or shrubs
  • grassland and meadows

More details for specific crops are shown below.



Following the trend of lean agriculture, zasso provides services based on service level agreements. 

Our targets: Minimizing a customer’s own investment and always getting qualified operators to work optimized machines at the appropriate time for maximum efficiency.

And our vision becomes reality, as zasso provides services on a unit price per ha contract. The low dependency on weather conditions and the robustness of our machines against plants of very different size and growth-stages enables efficient weed management for a wide range of farm sizes and crops.



Fruit plantations.

In line

Keeping the space below the trees weed free is very important to optimise yields.

Electroherb applicators are designed to weed efficiently in line between the trees. These are the advantages:

  • Weeding near the stems is possible.
  • Tree damage can be avoided.
  • No soil movement, this way avoiding weed germination.
  • Minimized erosion as dead plants remain in place.
  • Applicable to organic farming.
  • Minimizing manual labor.
  • Saving water pipes and trellis.

Root spreading weeds.

zasso’s challenge

Root spreading weeds are a specific challenge for any form of agriculture, but especially for organic farming. Electrophysical root destruction is the perfect answer!

When “new” plants mainly originate from root systems deep in the soil, superficial and repeated “harrowing” as it is used to prevent seed-based weeds from competing with crops is not an option. In some cases deeper ploughing may help, but for some of these weeds each broken root or extension will just form the basis of a new plant. As most of these plants can regrow from rhizomes (thickened energy-storing roots), suckers (subsoil root extensions) or other forms of root organs, they are perennial and create a problem again every year. The efficiency of Electroherb for this type of plants is therefore of special interest.



Separating good from bad grasses. A suitable challenge for electrophysical weeding methods.

While some Bracharia species are used as forage grasses, others can invade and dominate natural landscapes and pastures where they are not intended to grow. The plant produces toxins to prevent other plants from germination. Therefore, selective management is important and can be undertaken with Electroherb. As this approach does not require herbicides, follow-up seeding of other grasses in such an area is easier and faster than after chemical treatments.


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