Certis Europe and Zasso GmbH enter into Development Collaboration


Guidelines stipulated by the legislator mean that integrated plant management for railway tracks is becoming more and more difficult. Certis, with its proven expertise in weed control on railway systems, helps to overcome all rail technical challenges.

Zasso GmbH and Certis Europe are therefore planning to launch trials this year in order to develop Zassos’ Electroherb Technology, which is already established in the agricultural sector, on to the rail tracks.

In cooperation with railway companies, test tracks areas have already been identified where weeds and invasive plants can be treated with the help of a Certis-modified road-rail vehicle. Initial trials in 2018 have already shown that the Zasso technology can sustainably combat a wide range of weeds right down to the roots.

Find more information in the press release.

Electroherb units keeping urban traffic areas free from weeds