Electroherb –

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Fast growth

Following the rising demand for wood and other material made from it like celluloses, renewable materials and bioenergy, zasso is supplying chemical-free weeding technologies for this field.

The zasso group has designed methods to meet the comprehensive challenges of all modern weeding issues, worldwide. With our strong partners and excellent experts in silviculture we aim to provide tailored solutions with a maximum of versatility and flexibility.




The zasso solution

Electroherb units for timber crops are based on very robust drag-along applicators combined with high-power electronics.

zasso has developed approved forest solutions with its significant partners since 2011. The rising demand for efficacy, productivity and efficiency is our incentive to develop a continuously growing number of applications, with more to come:

  • Weed control for young teak plantations.
  • Inline weed reduction for teak plantations.
  • continuous weed reduction for eucalyptus plantations



Electroherb supports the utilisation of controlled and certified forest management plans.

The result is more than the product. A raising percentage of silviculture follows certified quality programs which aim to minimize herbicide use. Having developed robust electrophysical methods, zasso enables timber producers to raise their profits by producing certified wood while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment.




Following the trend of lean silviculture, zasso provides services based on service level agreements. 

Our targets: Minimizing a customer’s own investment and always getting qualified operators to work optimized machines at the appropriate time for maximum efficiency.

And our vision becomes reality, as zasso provides services unit price per ha contract. The low dependency on weather conditions and the robustness of our machines against plants of very different size enables efficient weed management in a wide range of forests.


Service agreements have exciting additional advantages:

up to 50 % cost reduction
– photo and georeferenced follow-up reports
– payroll cost reductions

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