Successful tests of the functional prototype

In the last 2 weeks we had the opportunity to perform tests with our new functional prototype for the consumer area.


Figure 1: Zasso’s new prototype for chemical-free weed control

Zasso Handheld
Zasso Handheld

Many traffic constructions offer a harsh, but competition-free habitat for certain robust plant species. However, the sheer amount of vegetation can exceed engineering damage thresholds and hamper any control effort, or even reduce the service life of the construction.
Such cases make it necessary to remove even deeply rooted and long-established plants, if possible without causing any structural damage in the process. This proves particularly difficult as those plants have developed specific, very efficient survival strategies in the shape of subterranean storage organs and hidden growth points. Set off by climate change, the offshoots and seeds of street trees are also increasingly spreading in a non-desirable way. Ivy that has grown into buildings is hard to remove without significant damage to the overall structure.

Test 1: Untreated green strip along a border


Test 1: Immediately after treatment


Test 1: Immediately after treatment


Test 1: 2 weeks after treatment

Test 1: 2 weeks after treatment + biomass swept


Test 2: Untreated green strip in asphalt

Test 2: Result 2 weeks after treatment



Test 3: Gravel surface:

left side: Treated 2 weeks ago

right side: untreated




Test 4: Paved surface untreated

Test 4: 2 weeks after treatment