Zasso is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board. This board will help shape and guide the strategy of Zasso Digital Herbicide, working closely with the leadership team, to capitalize on future growth opportunities

The initial appointments are Mr. Philippe Herve, Mr. Marcus Heppner and Mr. Jean-Pierre Ergas.

Mr. Philippe Herve

Philippe is Director at IDVESTO and was the former Global Head of R&D Alliance Management at Bayer CropScience. He brings 20 years of hands-on experience in identifying market needs and managing agriculture innovation for developed an emerging markets. At Bayer Cropscience and thereafter, he contributed to increase investment for agribusiness innovation. As a member of the Advisory Board, Mr Herve will provide guidance to the development of Zasso’s solutions, go-tomarket strategies and alliance management. When asked why he chose to engage with Zasso, Philippe said: “There is an urgent need for both efficient and sustainable weed control systems and I am glad to support the Zasso’s team to bring its innovative solutions to market.”

Mr. Marcus Heppner

Marcus is a Senior Vice President Global Legal at Grünenthal Pharma GmbH & Co.KG and was a former Senior Corporate Counsel at Merck KGaA. He brings over 16 years of experiences in the fi eld of corporate law, corporate governance, M&A and In- and Out Licensing. During his stay at Merck KGaA he supported most of the transformational M&A deals. Currently he is in charge of heading the Global Legal function at Grünenthal. As a member of the Advisory Board and based on his corporate law and transactional experience, Mr Heppner will provide advice on strategy, business development and alliance management When asked why joining the advisory board of Zasso, Marcus said: “I am very much impressed of the market potential of the sustainable and effi cient weed control solution that has been developed by Zasso and very much like the energy of the entire Zasso team. I am very much looking forward sharing my experiences and help to bring the business to the next level.”

Mr. Jean-Pierre Ergas

Jean-Pierre is Chairman of the Board of Knowles Corporation and Managing Partner of Ergas Ventures. Mr. Ergas brings to the Zasso Advisory Board substantial international management experience as a former chief executive offi cer and Chairman of fi ve companies in the United States and Europe. Drawing on his background, knowledge and experience managing all aspects of international businesses, including acquisitions, cross-border transactions, productivity and performance initiatives, Mr. Ergas will contribute to the Advisory Board on matters involving Zasso’s operations in corporate strategies and business development. Mr. Ergas holds an MBA from Harvard University. When asked why he chose to engage with Zasso, Jean-Pierre said: “I have been positively struck by the market potential of the innovative and sustainable weed control solution designed by Zasso. I look forward to provide as much insights as possible to help Zasso team with its strategy and market penetration across its verticals.”

Dirk Vandenhirtz

“We are honoured to welcome these leading experts in the fields of Agtech and Industry to our newly formed Advisory Board” said Dirk Vandenhirtz, Chief Executive Officer of Zasso Digital Herbicide. “The expertise that the new Advisory Board brings to our executive team will be invaluable in helping guide the development of our Zasso platform.” Dirk Vandenhirtz — CEO Zasso Digital Herbicide

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