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zasso has developed specific Electroherb units for hard surfaces to keep urban traffic areas free from weeds, ensuringtheir functionality and safety.

Weeds along roadsides can block the drainage of rainfall. On parking lots and in pedestrian areas weeds

  • produce tripping hazards,
  • look unattractive,
  • provoke littering,
  • obstruct sweeping.

Weeding can be managed very efficiently and sustainably with our Electroherb technologies: less labour-intensive and non-chemical. Targeted electric power reaches the roots of all weeds, protecting urban infrastructure at the same time. Combined solutions with cleaning processes are possible.




Electroherb units are based on a small number of working principles, using tailor-made applicators combined with high power electronics.

zasso has been providing urban weeding gear for intensive daily use since 2014. The rising demand for efficacy, productivity and efficiency is our incentive to develop a continuously growing number of applications, with more to come:

  • road curbs,
  • public spaces,
  • environmentally paved or gravelled parking lots,
  • railway tracks and company grounds,
  • pedestrian areas …



Following the trend of lean urban management, zasso provides comprehensive weeding services based on service level agreements .

Our targets: Minimizing a customer’s own investment and always getting qualified operators to work optimized machines at the appropriate time for maximum efficiency.

And our vision becomes reality as zasso provides services on a unit price per km contract. The low dependency on weather conditions and the robustness of our machines against plants of very different size and growth-stages enables efficient weed management in a wide range of urban environments.




Service agreements have exciting additional advantages:

  • up to 50 % cost reduction
  • photo and geo-reference follow-up reports
  • smart city approach automating manual services
  • payroll cost reductions

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